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International student fees

Check the most up to date tuition fees, accommodation fees, and other costs for international students in the tables below. Check the entry requirements to see which programme is for you.

Tuition fees

Programme Fees 2022 (NZD)
Foundation Studies Certificate programme (standard and intensive length) International: $29,800
Domestic: $6,415.20
Pre-Foundation programme International: $14,800
Domestic: $9,800
English Language Preparation course N/A^

^The English Language Preparation course will not be running in 2022.

Accommodation costs

Accommodation type Cost (NZD) Additional information
Empire Apartments (18+)∞ From $308 per week Food, telephone and internet not included in cost.
Homestay Standard (includes 16 meals per week) $308 per week Under 18s living in homestay will be invoiced at the time of enrolment for the period until they turn 18. Monthly instalments can be arranged. A fee per week is payable to hold the room if a student is absent from homestay during holidays.
Homestay Central (includes 16 meals per week)∞ $322 per week
Accommodation placement $330
Designated caregiver accommodation inspection $330 Applies to students under 18 who choose not to use homestay and caregiver service.

∞Empire Apartments and Homestay Central are subject to availability. Empire Apartments also have an additional one off $150 utensil package, and a one off $185 cleaning fee at the end of the stay.

All prices include GST (goods and services tax) where applicable.

Supplementary costs

Supplement Cost for 2021/22 (in NZD)
Taylors College enrolment fee (English Language Preparation or Pre-Foundation programme only) compulsory and non-refundable $335
University of Auckland Student Services Fee (Foundation Studies Certificate only) Detailed on the University website
Late payment fee
Stationary and textbooks (estimate) $300-$400
Airport transfer (one way) $160
Living costs per year^ (estimate) $15,000
Taylors College Extra Care for under 18 (optional) $425 (3 months)
$840 (6 months)
$2,270 (9 months)
$1,410 (10 months)
$1,690 (12 months)

^This is a guide only. Actual costs may vary slightly from those listed above.
#Prices subject to change without notice.


You will need to arrange health insurance to cover you in case of an accident or medical emergency while you are away from home. It is compulsory for all students to have valid health ‭insurance on enrolment to Taylors College.

There are many possibilities for you when it comes to insurance and it will depend on the programme that you are enrolled in.


This is the University of Auckland's insurance policy for international students and the preferred insurance for Foundation Studies Certificate students. You can find more information about the policy on the University of Auckland website.

Student Prime (Orbit Protect)

This is the preferred insurance for Pre-Foundation programme and English Language Preparation course students. Student Prime is an insurance policy that has been created especially for international students, and includes essential health and travel insurance whilst studying at Taylors College.

For further details, please contact us or your local representative.‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬

Duration Cost (NZD)∆
up to 1 month $94
up to 2 months $136
up to 3 months $180
up to 4 months $232
up to 5 months $275
up to 6 months $320
up to 7 months $367
up to 8 months $417
up to 9 months $465
up to 10 months $512
up to 11 months $557
up to 12 months $601

∆ Prices include a services fee provided by Taylors College and is subject to change without notice.

Find out more about Student Prime (Orbit Protect)

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